African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA ) Water Centre of Excellence Research Webinar

African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA ) Water Centre of Excellence Research Webinar
TimeCase StudyPresenter/sTopic / ThemeDurationChair
10h00-10h15OpeningProf Isa KabengeThe goal of the Webinar15 minsDr Djim
(15 mins).Diongue
10h15-10h45Senegal, LakeProf. Serigne FayeOverview of Node research10 mins
(30 mins)Guiers Basincontributions to the ASA in
Khariseu Niane Fall /Stakeholders, roles,5 mins
Rokhaya Diopresponsibilities and activities
in the management of the lake
in the commune of Mbane
Hikimat SaadiImpacts of climate change and5 mins
anthropic activities on the
Guiers Lake basin:
problematic of the degradation
factors of the lake.
Alousseynou BahAgricultural pesticide use and5 mins
impacts on water quality
resources and fish: a case
study of the Guiers lake basin
10h45-11h15Ethiopia,Prof Zerihun WolduOverview of Node research10 mins
(30 mins)Upper Bluecontributions to the ASA in
Nile BasinRESBEN
Dr Amare BantiderAssessment of integrated5 mins
watershed management effect
and stakeholders’ role on
household food and water
security in selected
watersheds, Upper Blue Nile
Basin, Ethiopia
Dr Ermias TeferiImplications of Watershed5 mins
(Tekumwork Fikadu)Management Practices on
Water Availability Using
Hydrus 1D Model in Aba
Gerima Watershed, Upper
Blue Nile basin, Ethiopia
Time (SAST)Case StudyPresenter/sTopic / ThemeDurationChair
11h15-11h45Tanzania,Dr Joel NobertOverview of Node research10 mins
(30 mins)RuahaKirwaycontributions to the ASA in
Timotheo NdimboExploring Role of Great Ruaha5 mins
Catchment Water Committee in
Enhancing Participatory Water
Resources Governance in Tanzania
RamadhaniEvaluating Water Resources5 mins
TwahaAllocation Under Climate Change
Scenarios. A Case of Great Ruaha
River Sub-basin, Tanzania.
Gift MollelModelling climate change5 mins
impacts on hydrology in
Usangu catchment,Tanzania under
CMPI6 scenarios
11h45-12h00Questions15 minsDr Djim Diongue
12h00-13h00Lunch Break60 mins
13h00-13h30Nigeria,Prof EzechielOverview of Node research10 minsDr Prossie
(30 mins)LagosO’Longe / Profcontributions to the ASA inNakawuka (Uganda)
James AkanmuRESBEN
GraceAssessment of Groundwater Quality5 mins
Majekodunmiaround Dumpsites: Case study of
Ojota and Bariga Dumpsites in
Titilola Bright-Strategic Adaptive Management of5 mins
OridamiUrban Water Pollution
Cherish JeffersonAssessment of Surface Water
& David AkanmuQuality: Case Study of Unilag
Lagoon Front and Somolu Drainage
Canal in Lagos
13h30-14h00Uganda,Prof Isa KabengeOverview of Node research10 mins
(30 mins)Lakecontributions to the ASA in
ChristineCommunity participation in5 mins
Namuddumitigating water pollution at Ggaba
Landing Site
Sandra MutesiMicroplastic contamination of Lake5 mins
Victoria and the possible
decontamination methods
GyaviiraAssessing Erosion Risk and Heavy5 mins
SsewankamboMetal Loading in Sediment from the
Inner Murchison Bay Catchment
14h00-14h30Rwanda,Dr VenusteOverview of Node research10 mins
(30 mins)AkageraNsengimanacontributions to the ASA in
Alphonse NzaroraBiological indicators in water quality5 mins
Venant NzibazaEcosystem services provided by the5 mins
Akagera river and its wetland
14h30-14h45Questions15 minsDr Prossie
14h45-15h00Refresher Break15 mins
Time (SASTCase StudyPresenter/sTopic / ThemeDurationChair
15h00-15h10South Africa,Dr Rebecka HenrikssonLearning case study10 minsDr Rebecca
Upper uThukelacontributions to the ASA inPowell with Dr
Applying SAM in establishingMantel
the Upper uThukela
Catchment Partnership
15h10-15h20South Africa,Dr Kevin WinterLearning case study10 mins
Franschhoek,contributions to the ASA in
Forging transitions through a
Living Laboratory: The Water
Hub, Franschhoek
15h20-15h30South Africa,Prof Tally Palmer / DrLearning case study10 mins
TsitsaBukho Gushacontributions to the ASA in
Lessons on participatory
governance in the Tsitsa
catchment, South Africa

Reflection session: commonalities, differences, lessons and

60 minsProf Vanessa

potential future collaborations



Prof Isa

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