ASH Global Research Award

ASH Global Research Award

American Society of hematology

“Through the ASH Global Research Award, the Society intends to:

Support the hematology-focused careers of ASH members who are trainees or early-career investigator based in countries other than the United States or Canada.
Foster an inclusive scientific community by supporting leaders from all regions of the world.
Offer a funding structure that accommodates a wide array of innovative, project-based, hematology-related applications.
Provide support for training, including training in the conduct of clinical trials and research.
Support malignant and non-malignant hematology projects.
The award length may vary from six months to three years, depending on the proposed project need. The award amount is also intended to be flexible. The amount requested in each application will be assessed to determine whether it is appropriate for the project and for the costs of the region. Payments are made in equal quarterly amounts throughout the award.

For projects of one year or less, the applicant may request up to $100,000.
For projects of more than one year, the applicant may request up to $150,000.
Supported Projects

The following types of projects will be considered:

Hematology research, including basic, translational, patient-oriented, and outcomes-based research
Requests for training at other institutions by trainees or early-career investigators, pilot studies, collaborative projects, and other proposals for career development
Examples of potential projects include, but are not limited to:

Projects advancing the diagnostic capabilities or therapeutic care delivery of hematological illnesses in developing regions
Projects addressing hematological illnesses of high incidence and impact in the applicant’s home region
Projects incorporating cross-disciplinary collaborations aimed at enhancing regional scientific and care capabilities for hematologic illnesses
Projects enhancing career development of individuals who will play future leadership roles in regional scientific and care delivery roles for hematologic illnesses
Applicants must submit proposals to conduct research in hematology. Proposals that fall within any of the categories discussed below are encouraged:

Basic Research
Translational Research
Patient-Oriented Clinical Research
Outcomes-Based Research
For additional details on eligible research categories, please consult the Research Definitions page.”

DEADLINE : August 31, 2023

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