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Dear Safeguarding training participant,

Thank you for taking part in the Introduction to Safeguarding in International Development training on 15th August 2022. We will appreciate you taking time to share your thoughts and feedback regarding the training with us.

The survey will take between 5-10 minutes to complete and will provide both the ARUA CoE-NCDs and the UKRI with key insights to improve future safeguarding trainings.

At the end of this survey, you will get a link to download a copy of your certificate of completion. In the event you don’t know your Certificate number, kindly check the email with the link for this survey for the participant number unique to you.

    What is your understanding of safeguarding in international research? *Being inclusiveBeing accountablePreventing or avoiding harm

    Why is safeguarding necessary? *It ensures a safe environmentIt is important in upholding ethical conduct in researchIt protects the vulnerable

    Do you have safeguarding policies in your institutions? *YesNo

    What safeguarding issues are captured in these policies? Please select all that apply to your institution. *Sexual exploitation, abuse, and harassmentAnti-discriminationDisciplinary proceduresStaff and student wellnessOccupational health and safetyOther


    In your view, do the policies in your institution require improvement? * YesNo

    Enter your participant number *